Compliant by design

Praetor tackles problems forensically, understanding their clients’ objectives and how they operate, working with the full of range of companies from large multi-nationals to SMEs and start-ups, other law firms, and UK and overseas governments to identify their real issues and challenges, and then working with them to develop and deliver solutions.

Core services

Communications & Technology

We work with hi-tech clients and communication service providers, using our extensive technical and practical expertise to provide practical guidance; supporting them in developing products and services which comply with government and other national and international requirements.

Privacy & Data

We work with clients in the commercial and government sectors to ensure that the services they offer relating to the acquisition, manipulation, processing, storage and dissemination of data are fully compliant with GDPR and other UK data and privacy laws.

National Security

For many clients, their businesses have an interface with the national security interests of the UK or other governments. In such circumstances, we work with clients to help them identify, understand and manage these issues and develop good relationships with the relevant government actors.

Governance & Human Rights

We design, deliver and embed practical and realistic governance processes for commercial organisations and governments operating in challenging environments, enabling business delivery whilst ensuring adherence to values and legal principles.

Capacity Building

Our unique experience enables us to design and deliver systems embedding international human rights standards and democratic accountability in intelligence, security and justice systems, taking account of social, cultural and political contexts.