Praetor Legal is a partnership between Moira Andrews and Jason Betteley, two senior legal professionals with a successful track record of delivering business enabling solutions in both the private and public sectors.

Moira Andrews

Jason Betteley

A unique legal partnership

Praetor has over 30 years’ experience as legal advisers to the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence, and Crown Prosecution Service, as well as working with overseas governments, the UN and other international organisations.

As consultants, company directors, corporate lawyers and in-house counsel, the partners have brought their expertise to numerous private sector organisations, as well as guiding trade organisations and not-for-profits, as trustees and board members.

Praetor offers a unique and extensive range of strategic and technical expertise, including:

  • GDPR, data protection more generally and information security
  • Managing the data protection issues around open source research
  • Mass data collection and processing
  • Managing data issues associated with AI and autonomous systems
  • Creation of lawful intercept policies and processes for communications providers
  • Advice on cyber security issues such as the use of technical solutions that monitor and counter insider threats
  • Collaborating with in-house technical development teams to deliver legally compliant solutions
  • Developing tailor-made policies which enable business delivery by effectively managing the legal issues that flow from strategic business risks
  • Devising and implementing bespoke governance, risk management and compliance regimes tailored to legal, social, political and cultural environments

Operating at the highest level

Praetor’s experience has been tried and tested in a wide range of contexts, including:

  • Advising international clients in satellite communications-based industries on the business implications of the national security overlay in a multi-jurisdictional regulatory environment
  • Assisting IT industry start-ups to navigate the regulatory landscape in their target markets and the impact on product development
  • Advising both public and private sectors on the use of sensitive investigative techniques and open source research tools
  • Advising on international export control regulations (eg, ITAR) and other national security-related sectors on the implications of Brexit
  • Devising, implementing and enforcing oversight systems for security and intelligence sectors to ensure practical and workable compliance with internationally accepted human rights norms
  • Developing the UK’s international counter-terrorism strategy including interaction with allied partners operating in conflict and post-conflict areas
  • Crisis management and post-incident procedures